The best craft projects to take on holidays!

The best craft projects to take on holiday!

I’m totally an advocate for taking your craft out and about. It’s a great way to pass the time plus get inspired by your surroundings! I’ve been known to take knitting to the beach, stitching on the train and even crochet to the pub! But my fave would have to be crafting on holiday. Whenever I travel, I’m never without my journal and a project to work.

Over the years, I’ve even developed a few holiday craft rituals. A trip to Melbourne is never without a visit to Morris & Sons to pick up a ball of yarn for a new scarf. And car rides interstate are all about Triple J and crochet.

But don’t get me wrong, crafting on holiday can be perilous and a little planning in necessary because not every craft matches every situation. Here’s my fave craft projects to take on a trip!

Crochet – best for plane trips and beach holidays

Whenever I know I’m going to be sitting for a while, be it on a plane or on the beach, I always make sure to pack a crochet project. They’re great because they don’t demand too much of your attention (especially if your working on something familiar like granny squares) so you can still keep up a conversation or enjoy what’s happening around you. And all you need is some yarn and a hook, which fits perfectly in your hand luggage or beach bag! And don’t worry, I’ve travelled with crochet hooks heaps of times and haven’t ever had them confiscated at security. But if you are concerned, use a bamboo or plastic hook.

When choosing your project, remember that you don’t want to be lugging around a ton of yarn so a crochet kit like this one is just perfect! That way you know you’ve got just the right amount of materials and won’t have to madly dash to the craft shop when you’d rather be relaxing!

Knitting – best for winter getaways

Knitting can be a little more complex, especially if you’re working with a pattern that requires increasing/decreasing. So knit projects are best for chilled out holidays spent by a crackling fireside with a mug of hot chocolate. And as you stitch away, your ever-growing knit project also doubles as a toasty makeshift blanket! Hooray!

As I’m not a super skilled knitter, I definitely like to work from a pattern and kit when I travel, incase I find myself stuck without WIFI and can’t google myself out of a fix! Loving this snood kit from What Jane Knits!

Embroidery – best for long car/train rides and relaxing getaways

Embroidery is great because there’s so much variety! You’ve got different stitches, threads and colours wrapped up in one cute design,  perfect for when you want to really buckle down and get into the detail of the design. I love taking some embroidery on car or train trips where I can spread out with all my threads or when I’m just taking a break and want to be distracted by some beautiful crafting! Such a wonderful, rewarding way to pass the time.

If you’re new to embroidery, hoop based projects like this one are super fun and once you’re done you can just pop it on your wall!

Journalling and scrapbooking – best for overseas travel

In my family, you simply don’t travel without a journal. It just doesn’t happen. When I’ve been overseas with my family, almost every evening is spent updating our journals with sketches, tickets, pictures and borchures from the day we’ve just had. And when I’m travelling along, I take my journal with me everywhere so I can whip it out at cafes and galleries when I’m feeling inspired. Once you get home, it’s so lovely to have a book full of memories you can flip through anytime you want to relive your trip!

Because I like to fill them with cut-outs and illustrations, my favourite journals are ring binders with good, thick paper (like this one!).

Do you love to craft on holiday? What’s your fave portable project?