DIY Lamington Pincushions

Make It! DIY Lamington Pincushions

DIY Lamington Pincushion

In honour of Australia Day, I’m reposting these cuties (first published in 2014). No matter how you feel about it, Aus Day is a day to spend with friends and family and enjoy some food and fun in the sun (and maybe a little craft as well!). 

Ok, confession time – I love cake. All cake, any cake and at all times of day! Breakfast cake is a personal favourite, as is ‘pocket cake’ (that’s birthday cake wrapped in a napkin, stowed in a pocket and eaten on the way home from a party!). I obviously don’t have a specific favourite (it would be like asking me to pick a favourite child!) but I am especially partial to lamingtons! For any non-Australians reading, lamington’s are a piece of sponge dipped in chocolate icing and coated in dessicated coconut. Named after Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland from 1896 – 1901, lamingtons are a delicious morning tea or afternoon snack and best served with a layer of fresh cream and jam in the middle. Too yum! So, in honour of this most delicious Australian delicacy, I decided to create a pair of adorable felt DIY lamington pincushions!

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– Black, red and white felt
– Black embroidery thread and a needle
– Long white seed beads
– Scissors + pinking shears
– Fabric glue
– Polyester filling (more…)

Smart Arts Festival

Bunting Tote Bag Workshop!

My bunting tote-bag workshop took place last night as a part of the SmartARTS Sydney youth festival at the Pine Street Creative Centre and let me just say, it was a TOTAL blast! I got to hang out with some awesome, talented ladies, share some embroidery and sewing skills and spent the evening crafting away! Thanks to SmartARTS and Pine Street for having me!

And while we’re on the topic, don’t you just love bunting? There’s something about it that just gets the party vibes and creative juices flowing! The bunting I used to decorate this workshop is made from my Mum’s excess quilting fabrics, isn’t it just the cutest?

Smart Arts Festival

SmartARTS Festival Workshop

This coming Monday, I’m teaching a Bunting tote-bag workshop at Sydney’s Smart ARTS festival. There will be sewing, painting and embroidery galore and it’s certain to be TOTES fun (see what I did there?). I’ll be posting some pics of the kind of things we’ll be making very soon so stay tuned!

If your’re interested, see for details! The class is limited to 10 so get in quick!


Week-off Crafting – laptop case

IMG_0359I recently treated myself to a new computer (yay!) and suddenly my old laptop case was looking a bit drab in comparison. Time to whip out the sewing machine! I was lucky enough have a long-weekend off from work (did I mention I love my job?) so this was my little craft project.

IMG_0365As  I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit in love with thread at the moment so decided to start off with simple calico and add colour and texture through stitching.

IMG_0360 A polar fleece lining and a few buttons later and VOILA! A super cute laptop case!


Zine Making


This week I’ve been furiously writing, designing layouts and sewing, sewing, sewing – all in the name of my new (and first!) zine ‘Make Me’.

Let me first emphasise I am NOT a writer so ‘Make Me’ isn’t breaking any literary boundaries. Instead, it’s an exploration of crafting (of course!) and memory centered around the first quilt I ever made (with help from my mum) when I was just 5 and 3/4. On the quilt, I drew two pictures; a landscape of my nan’s farm on the front and on the label a scene from a family outing to the beach. My zine explores how making this quilt infused it with childhood memories I have long since forgotten.


I wanted reading the zine to feel like making something so added stitching to create texture and a tactile sensory experience. I also included cut-out windows to create the feeling of looking through history and time.


15 copies of ‘Make Me’ will be available at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s zine fair on Sunday the 24th of May.