How to ACE handmade gift giving in 7 days!

How to ace handmade gift giving in 7 days

Hey movers and makers!

Today I’m super excited to be sharing a new wee e-course I’ve been working on! As you may already know, last year I put the finishing touches on my ebook ‘Make to Give’ (which you can see more of here!). This book is alllllll about handamde gift giving, a topic I’m quite passionate about!

See, the aim behind Paper & Pin and my craft practise in general is to get people making. Craft has had such a HUGE positive impact on my life and everyday I benefit from the relaxation, calm and pure joy it brings me. So rather than just sit at home and hoard all this crafty loveliness to myself, I try my best to spread the love with DIY projects, tips and inspiration!

And so with that in mind I’m so excited to be launching ‘Giving Handmade’ – a free 7 day e-course made to help you start your handmade gift giving journey!

But why handmade gifts? Well, from my chats with newbies I’ve noticed that a lot of people start crafting because they want to make something to mark an event. Like a crochet blanket for their new grandchild. Or a clothes for their kid’s birthdays. Or handmade jewellery for their friend. And I think that’s AWESOME because it totally goes along with my mantra of ‘share more craft!’ plus means that some people out there are receiving some really special gifts!

But I also realise that making gifts is kind of scary. What if it doesn’t work? Or I run out of time?! Don’t worry, I totally get it and I’ve been there! I realise it’s these fears that can often stop you from even starting a project, which is why I’ve decided to share all the tips, tricks and strategies I’ve developed over the years to make sure handmade gift giving is as easy and stress-free as it can be!

I see this e-course as kind of a companion piece to ‘Make to Give’, taking some of the best tips and tid bits from the book and delivering then to your inbox each day for a week! So, If you’re interested, all you have to do is sign up to my list here! If you’re already signed up (thanks for that!) but want to do the course as well, sign up here!

Each instalment covers a different part of the process, from planning to prep and actually starting a project! Don’t worry, there’s no long winded emails or homework, just crafty food for thought!