DIY Crochet Conversation Hearts

DIY crochet conversation hearts

Ok, that’s it. I’m calling it. I’ve made THE CUTEST THING! No other things can compare, I’m throwing in the towel. MY WORK HERE IS DONE!

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But for reals, I am SO excited about these DIY crochet conversation hearts! Overall, I’m not really in to Valentine’s Day EXCEPT for all the kitschy nifty-gifties! I love the red velvety roses, those little plush bears holding hearts and heart shaped boxes of chocolates. It’s like for one day of the year we all forget what good taste is and live out a 1950s romantics dream. It’s too much fun!

But I think my favourite Val-Day kitschyness would definitely have to be conversation hearts, although weirdly I’ve never actually seen them in the flesh (I don’t think we have them in Australia?)! I love the pastel colours and daggy loved-up messages so of course I couldn’t let the 14th of Feb pass by without at least one conversation heart inspired DIY!

DIY crochet conversation hearts

These plush little hearts are so easy to whip up (only two crochet stitches needed!) and are just so cute! Create a collection for that special someone, pop them on a keyring as a gift for your gal pals or just make one for yourself! To get started, you’ll need: (more…)