Rainy Day Craft & Films

It’s super rainy in Sydney at the moment and it’s forecast to get worse. But on the bright side, a dreary day is a perfect excuse to stay in, curl up with a tea in front of a good movie and get crafty! So here’s my wrap up of my favourite rainy-day crafts from around the internet + some great rainy day films to go with them!

RainyDayCraft(clockwise from the top right)

My Poppet – Scrap fabric twine
In my opinion, the perfect movie-watching craft in something you can easily do sitting down and is interesting but not distracting (so you can keep up with the film!). This twine tutorial is all these things PLUS is a great way to use up fabric scraps!

Lebenslustiger – Tapestry crochet dishcloth
If you’re already a crochet lover, this DIY offers a great new technique for creating a tapestry-like look. Gorgeous, right? And how lovely would a heap of squares like this look together in a rug? Hmm, I smell a new craft project…

 The House Lars Built – Tea towel beach bag
Using a tea towel to make a tote – what a great idea! This one requires a bit of sewing, so pull out your machine and plonk it in front of the telly! It’s also a nice reminder that summer is coming, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now!

The Crafted Life – How to press flowers
When it’s cold and grey outside, bring some colour into your home with this gorgeous flower-pressing DIY! Seriously, isn’t this just the most gorgeous tutorial? So pretty!

RainyDayFilms2(clockwise from the top right)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to re-watch favourite films so Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a great choice! Plus, there’s that great scene at the end in the rain with Cat. Perfect, right?

The King’s Speech
This is one of my fav. films of recent years (the wallpaper! Oh the wallpaper!) and I’m always willing to re-watch it! Plus, getting immersed in dull war-time London makes you feel OK about staying in and rugging up!

O Brother Where Art Thou?
This film is just plain FUN. Anything based on Homer’s The Odyssey and reimagined in the 1930s deep south by the Coen Brothers just has to be! Plus there’s singing and George Clooney – what more could you want?

Moonrise Kingdom
Nothing goes with craft like a Wes Anderson film and Moonrise Kingdom would have to be the most colourful and kitschy of them all! And there’s the kid’s (+ Jason Schwartz) awesome slow-mo walk through the rain! Winning!