Quick Craft – DIY Floral Fuse-Bead Rings!

DIY Floral Fuse Bead Rings - paperandpin.com

So I know you love to craft (you’ve ended up here so it’s pretty certain, right?) but sometimes there just isn’t the time. I get it! We all have a million things to do and often, sitting down to some DIY just doesn’t make it to the top of the list. That’s is why I’ve started ‘Quick Craft!’. These projects take half an hour or less and use easy to find, around-the-house type materials. And to kick it off, I’ve whipped up these DIY floral fuse-bead rings!

Fuse-beads (or hama beads, as they’re sometimes known) are one of those craft materials with endless possibilities. They make aborable coasters and teapot mats, fab wreaths and even great bubble blowers! So when I spied a GIANT tub at Ikea for only $10 I just knew I had to have them! And these cute little flower shapes were the first thing I made up. But what to do with them? Well, stick them on a ring of course! This project will take no time and is great for big and little humans – I’ve been wearing my ring all day and got some compliments from a six year old – so, you know, suitable for all ages!

– Hama beads (or the Ikea version!)
– A circle peg board
– An iron
– A ring (I used clear plastic ones I picked up ages ago. You can get similar ones from etsy!)
– Hot glue gun
– White paper (or baking paper)

First, heat up your iron to a nice hot setting. Now arrange your beads in a floral design in the centre of your circle peg board. Make sure each bead is touching at least one other bead (but two is definitely best!) so nothing falls off!

DIY Floral Fuse Bead Rings - paperandpin.comPlace some paper over the beads (this is very important otherwise, your beads will melt to your iron!) and press the iron on top and move it around in gentle circles. Do this for around 15-30 seconds. Once your beads are fused together, they should look a little squished but still have their hole in the middle. And don’t worry if your beads stick to the paper, just let them cool a little and they’ll peel off.


Now all you need is a dab of hot glue to fix the beads to the ring and hey presto!

DIY Floral Fuse Bead Rings - paperandpin.comHow easy was that? Now you’re ready to pop that ring on and paint the town red! I’d absolutely LOVE to see your finished rings – just hashtag #madewithpaperandpin on instagram so I can check them out!