Mother’s Day DIY Origami and Confetti Card


Earlier in the week, I shared some pretty darn cute felt tulips – the perfect DIY gift for Mother’s Day! So why not team those up with this equally cute DIY origami and confetti card? Don’t worry, the origami is super simple (only a few quick folds) and perfectly contained the confetti for a lovely mother’s day surprise!

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To get started, you’ll need:
– A5 (half A4) sided craft paper
– Coloured paper (for punching)
– A fun shaped paper-punch
– Scissors
– Glue

Start by cutting your piece of paper in half. Then fold the top corner down to the edge to make a square. Trim off the excess.

Now you’ve got a square! Start to fold each corner into the middle, kind of like you were making a chatter-box!



Once you’ve folded in all the corners, write your message on the inside and then punch out some confetti. I used a cute heart punch because after all, Mother’s Day is all about the love!


Then fold the corners back in. Now cut a strip of coloured paper and wrap it about the card.


Then secure the coloured stripe with a glue and a little cut-out. This will keep the corners all nice and snug and make sure not confetti escapes!

Now you card is ready for Mum! Hopefully she’ll get a nice surprise when all confetti comes cascading out!

Are you going to make this card for mum? Remember to share your photos on instagram with #madewithpaperandpin so I can follow along and see all your crafty skills!