Mini goal setting printable + my 2015 blogging dreams!

mini goal setting printableCan you believe it’s almost December? It’s definitely getting to that time of year where everyone starts looking to the future. We start having those ‘well, in 2015 I’ll be…’ conversations and everyone’s figuring out their next move for after the holiday down-time.

I’m also in goal-setting mode and, thanks to Secret Blogger’s Business 2015 Success Scholarship, I’ve been focusing on my 2015 blogging dreams.

Usually I’m a bit haphazard with goal setting; a few words scrawled in the front on a notebook that stays in a drawer all year or some resolutions on a post-it. Well, this time, I wanted to make my goals count so I made a mini goal setting printable book! Cute, right? And great news – you can get your hands on this lil’ baby! Just click here to download!

mini goal setting printable

The aim of this lil’ book was to nut out my blogging goals (but you can use it for any goal!) and figure out how I’m going to move forward. Specifically, my dreams for 2015 are:

– To share my DIYs and projects with a greater audience.
– For my blog to become a well-known channel of information and tips about craft, design and DIY.
– To collaborate with creatives, companies and brands I admire.
– To become a respected and well-known craft practitioner.
– To turn my blog into a business and not a hobby!

Yikes, that seems like a lot to achieve! How am I going to do it? Well, for one, I’ve signed up for the Secret Blogger’s Business Boot-camp. This e-couse comes highly recommended (so many of my fav. bloggers have done it in the past) and by signing up, I aim to gain the skills and tools needed to take my blog to the next level. It’ll help give me to confidence and know-how to collaborate with brands, unravels the mysteries of monetising and help me figure out strategies to build my readers. It’s a lot to achieve but I think it might just be possible with the help of SBB!

So, those are my goals. Now it’s your turn! You’ve got your printable? Not yet? That’s cool, I’ll wait here while you grab it!

mini goal setting printable

Ok, you’ve got it? Great! First things first, print it out (make sure your print settings are ‘fit to page’)! Then take a craft knife (scissors would also work) and trim off the sides. Fold along all the grey lines and make a cut along the dotted line.

mini goal setting printable

Now for the tricky (well, not really!) part – the book-fold. Fold the printout in half long-ways then push the two edges in towards each other, forcing the folds along the opening outwards. Push the edges all the way in, which will make book sit flat, hopefully with the front and back covers on the outside (sometimes they end up inside, that’s fine! Just flip the pages til they’re outside). Then press all the creases and fold in half!

Done! Now it’s time to set some goals! I cut out some pictures and made a moodboard on the inspiration page, but really it’s up to you! Happy goal setting!

mini goal setting printable

Let me know how your goal setting is going! Share your tips and tricks in the comments below! And I’d LOVE to see your mini books! Tag me on instagram and I’ll check them out!