Make to Give – A Guide to Handmade Gift Giving!


Always plan to make gifts but never find the time? Or think what you make won’t be good enough? Believe me, I’ve been there.

Giving handmade gifts is hard. You’re committing time, money and a whole lot of effort to something that, let’s be honest, you could probably just buy.

So why bother?

Because giving handmade is so much than just passing on a ‘thing’.


You’re gifting all the thought, creativity and love that you’ve poured over days, weeks and months into a specially picked project.

And once they’re given, it’s handmade gifts that get held on to, cherished and passed down from generation to generation. They’re just special like that.

But making gifts can be overwhelming.


Even with the best intentions, a project might not go to plan, isn’t the right fit for it’s intended owner or just never gets finished. And after putting in all that energy it can be disappointing when things go awry.

Well, that’s where Make to Give comes in!




In this book, I guide you through the entire process.

From planning through making and even what to do when handmade goes wrong, every page is packed full of tips, tricks and gorgeous images to inspire you to get out there and get makin’!

Here’s a peak of what you’ll find inside!

  • 40+ pages dedicated to finding inspiration, choosing the right gifts, planning your projects and managing your time. No more DIY disasters!

  • 8 new DIY projects specifically designed to be the perfect gifts for any occasion

  • A printable A3 Maker’s Calendar to help you track birthdays and events + heaps of patterns and templates to get you started on your DIYs!

  • All this and more for $13.95!

Here’s what my fave makers are saying about ‘Make to Give’!

Make to Give - a guide to handmade gift giving

Words words words words words

An excellent book, filled with so many things you’d love to both give and receive! Cute, colourful and easy to use, this book is a must read for any recreational crafter.

– Rachel Burke I Make. You Wear It.



Make to Give - a guide to handmade gift giving

Make to Give is perfect. Whenever people ask me “Annika, what should I get you for a present?” I’m always reply with: “HANDMADE! MAKE ME SOMETHING! ANYTHING!”  I’ve also made some… less-than-fantastic handmade presents for people in the past, and feel like this could have saved me the regret I still feel for those gifts. There’s so many awesome ideas in here, I’m already feeling inspired. I love the running-writing bias tape idea, and I soooo want to make a cute sock monkey too – it’s so cool how you’ve included a pattern for it!

– Annika – The Pine Needle Collective


Make to Give - a guide to handmade gift giving


Amazing concept! I always find it so hard to think of what to make for friends and family and always leave it to the last minute. So I love all the tips and tricks in here for making handmade gifting that little bit easier!

– Caitlin – Raglan St Wears

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