Make it! DIY Trinket Packages


Am I right in saying that there’s nothing better than getting mail? Even bills are exciting! So why not brighten up a friends day with this DIY little package of trinkets and confetti? It’s perfect to pop in the post and could also make an awesome birthday gift! Or maybe you just want to make it yourself and that’s ok by me TOO!

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: Coloured paper, washi tape, circle punches, cord/string + a little collection of cute things!


This is the definitely the fun part, especially if you’re like me and love your to hoard cute little trinkets. So empty your drawers, got through your busy-box and forage for little bits and pieces you think might brighten your intended recipient’s day. Keep in mind the lighter the better if you’re going to be sending this via post!


STEP 2: Make your envelop
The envelope is a super-simple template (get  it here!) which you can print on any paper of your choice! For decoration, I added stripes of washi tape. It’s best to do this before you cut out the envelop so you can just trim of the tape edges all at once.

To create the spots, simply line up the tape on some grease-proof paper (or anything shiny, I used some plastic packaging. Waste not want not!), making sure there’s an overlap so the tapes stick together. Then punch them out with a circle paper-punch (or if you don’t have a punch, just cut out some natty shapes!).


STEP 3: Make some confetti!
The final touch is a bit of confetti to add colour and the element of surprise! You could totally buy confetti but making it is simple, just punch out some circles out of coloured paper! I used an amazing punch (two holes, one big one small! It was MADE for confetti!) I found at Lincraft but you could easily use a regular hole punch.


STEP 4: Send it!
Add your trinkets then tie it all up with a cute piece of string. Pop that baby in an envelope, stamp it and voila!