Make it! DIY Pinwheel Gift Tags


Can you even believe that Christmas is only 12 weekends away? Is it just me or has 2014 just flown by? Well, with that in mind, I thought this week I’d start getting in the gift-giving spirit with these DIY pinwheel gift tags!

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I just LOVE wrapping presents, it’s almost better than receiving them! Really, I love wrapping pretty much anything. In my teens, I worked in a deli and wrapping people’s orders and parcels in butcher’s paper was always my favourite part of the day! There’s just something about neatly folding paper around something that’s oddly meditative. Plus, seeing someone’s face light up when you had them a beautifully wrapped present is just too special. And these these mini pinwheels are a great way to add a little something special to any gift!


Time: Around 15 minutes per gift tag
– Colourful paper
– Gift tags
– Mini brads
– Scissors
– Glue stick


These little cuties are super simple to make! Just print off this template (it prints very light so it won’t show up on the final product – make sure to print it on your lighter colour choice), roughly cut around a square and glue it to a contrasting colour. Then cut along all the lines on the template. Next, use a pin make a hole on each of the rounded corners and in the centre. This will make it easier when it comes time to insert the brad!


Once you’ve got your holes, you’re ready for the brad! Insert it into one of the hole you made in the rounded corners from the back to the front. Then simply keep popping the brad in the holes, leaving the centre hole til last!


Now make a hole in the gift card where you’d like the pin wheel to sit, pop in the brad and split it’s pins on the back. Done!