Make It! DIY Lamington Pincushions

DIY Lamington Pincushion

In honour of Australia Day, I’m reposting these cuties (first published in 2014). No matter how you feel about it, Aus Day is a day to spend with friends and family and enjoy some food and fun in the sun (and maybe a little craft as well!). 

Ok, confession time – I love cake. All cake, any cake and at all times of day! Breakfast cake is a personal favourite, as is ‘pocket cake’ (that’s birthday cake wrapped in a napkin, stowed in a pocket and eaten on the way home from a party!). I obviously don’t have a specific favourite (it would be like asking me to pick a favourite child!) but I am especially partial to lamingtons! For any non-Australians reading, lamington’s are a piece of sponge dipped in chocolate icing and coated in dessicated coconut. Named after Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland from 1896 – 1901, lamingtons are a delicious morning tea or afternoon snack and best served with a layer of fresh cream and jam in the middle. Too yum! So, in honour of this most delicious Australian delicacy, I decided to create a pair of adorable felt DIY lamington pincushions!

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– Black, red and white felt
– Black embroidery thread and a needle
– Long white seed beads
– Scissors + pinking shears
– Fabric glue
– Polyester filling

First, cut your black felt pieces using this pattern. Then stitch a good smattering of beads on each piece, except for the bottom piece of the plain lamington and the the middle and bottom pieces of the jam and cream version.

DIY-Lamington-Pincushion-beadsThen, using a blanket stitch and black thread (I used a contrasting colour so you could see the stitches!), attach the edge pieces to the top piece. Next, blanket stitch the edges together. The great thing about using black thread on black felt is that any mistakes are easily hidden so just go ahead and start stitching!

DIY-Lamington-Pincushion-blanket-stitchThen grab your base square and blanket stitch that on as well! Once you’re almost made your way around, poke a little polyester filling inside then close up the gap.

For the jam and cream variety, repeat the above steps on your second half. Then, using pinking shears, cut 2 square of red felt and 3 squares of white felt. Pop some fabric glue on each square and stick them between the two lamington halves.

Now all you need are some cute pins and a fun new sewing project to start!