Kid’s craft – Easter Egg Bunny Hugs!


I really love buying Easter eggs. Almost more than I love eating them (but not quite!). I love making up little hampers and gifting them to friends and family. I think I got this from my mum, who always went all out for Easter. She’d make my sisters and I gorgeous baskets and packages complete with handwritten notes from ‘the Easter Bunny’ (so sneaky!) which we’d find at the end of our beds on Easter morning. I even remember one epic Easter egg hunt she and my aunt organised at my cousins farm – think ‘The Famous Five’ mixed with a Cabury’s ad. It was just the best!

So when the lovely ladies over at Bloesom blog asked me to whip up some Easter craft, I knew it had to be chocolate egg related. And what better gift-wrapping for an choccy egg than a hug? And so these DIY Easter Egg Bunny Hugs were born! These little fellows are super easy to whip up so once the school hols set in, round up the kiddos and get a production line happening!

– Coloured felt
– Scissors
– Craft glue
– This template!
– Small – medium (approx 17 gram) chocolate eggs.

First, download, print and cut out this template. Then trace around it onto a piece of felt and cut out your bunny shape.


Now it’s time to get a little creative. I cut out eyes, a noise and little rosie cheeks from felt but you could experiment with different shapes or maybe even some embroidery or googly eyes. Glue on the features and while your at it, add a little glue to the end of one arm and stick the other to it to create the ‘hug’! Then fold the legs up to the inside of this ‘hug’ and secure with a little glue.


Then simply pop an egg inside the bunny’s arms. Too cute, right?