Gift Wrap with Garlands!

Gift wrap with garlands | Paper and Pin

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas season would have to be gift wrapping! I love buying a fresh sheet of gift wrap, cracking open a roll sticky tape and going to town with some curly ribbon. But there’s always something a little bitter sweet once the unwrapping is done and all your carefully chosen paper is lying around in shreads.

So this year I’ve decided to gift wrap with garlands! Rather than just a piece of ribbon, a gorgeous garland means that once the unwrapping is done you’ve got something cute to string up on your wall. And luckily this Christmas, The Reject Shop has totally got us covered! They have a seriously cute range of mini bunting, teeny envelopes and many cute tags, bows and rosettes which we’ll use to jazz up gifts and make a DIY mini envelope garland. So let’s hop to it!


First up, you’ll need:
– Wrapping paper (I love simple brown craft paper)
– Scissors
– Tape (regular and double sided)
– Mini bunting, mini envelopes, eyelet tags – all available at The Reject Shop!
– Twine
– Single hole punch


If you’re running short on time and want to spruce up a gift with a garland, just grab one of the lengths of The Reject Shop’s ADORABLE mini bunting and wrap around like you would with ribbon.


Then simply secure the bunting with a few squares of doubled sided tape! I like to also add a few bows or rosettes for a little something pizzazz :)



If you’ve got some more time up your sleeve, why not try a mini envelope garland? Start by threading an eyelet flag onto your twine and secure with a knot.


Then grab a mini envelope and punch a hole in the corner. Make sure the hole goes through both the front and back of the envelope. This will ensure that the envelopes can be opened once they’re strung up.


Now thread the envelope on the twine and follow with another eyelet flag secured with a knot.


Continue this process, securing each flag with a knot and then threading on an envelope.


Once you’re got enough, simply wrap the garland around the gift then fill each envelope with a little message – it’s a gift card and garland in one! So cute!

Gift wrap with garlands | Paper and Pin

I love how these garlands add that little extra something to a gift and can be enjoyed again and again as Christmas decor! If you give this DIY gift wrapping a crack, don’t forget to tag with #madewithpaperandpin so I can follow along!

This post was produced in conjunction with the cool people at The Reject Shop. All opinions and content are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Paper and Pin afloat!