DIY Wooden Fruit Bead Necklace

DIY Wooden Fruit Bead Necklace |

One of my most favourite parts of summer is all the amazing fresh fruit – mangoes, watermelon and cherries – yes please! It’s not only because they taste amazing (and are in season and so cheap!) but the colours are amazing! The fresh fruit and veg section of the supermarket is just stunning! So I thought I’d take inspiration from these bright summer colours and whip up this DIY wooden fruit bead necklace. And guess what – you can too! It’s super easy and only requires minimal painting skills.

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You’ll need:
– Round wooden beads (I bought mine from ebay here)
– Acrylic paint in pink, yellow, green, orange, white and black
– Clear gloss varnish or gel medium
– Waxed cotton or other thin cord
– (optional) coloured spacer beads (I bought mine from ebay here)

DIY Wooden Fruit Bead Necklace |

Begin by painting each side of the beads with 2 coats of base colour:
Watermelon = pink
Kiwi fruit = light green (I mixed dark green with white and a little yellow)
Lemon = white
Orange = light orange (I mixed orange with a little white).

step2Allow the beads to dry then add the fruit details (you may want to use a finer brush for this):
Watermelon = 3x small tear-drop shaped black seeds
Kiwi fruit = Make little flicks of dark green radiating out from an oval. When the green flicks dry, paint in the circle with white.
Lemon = 5x yellow wedges
Orange = 5x orange wedges

DIY Wooden Fruit Bead Necklace |

Once the top and bottom details are dry you can paint the edges of the beads or simply leave them a nice natural wood colour. Allow the beads to fully dry and then coat with a layer of clear varnish or gel medium. Allow each side to dry overnight before flipping over and coating the other side.

step4Once the varnish is completely dry, you’re ready to string up your necklace! Take a length of waxed cotton cord and thread the beads through (I find that passing a needle and thread through the end of the cord can help with threading the beads as it gives you an end to yank on!). Once you’re happy, simply tie a knot in the ends!


Now you’re ready to pop your necklace on and soak up the summer sun and all those compliments for your new and completely handmade accessory! Well done you!