DIY Washi Tape Bangles!

DIY Washi Tape Bangles

It’s official! Spring is here! Which means it’s time to back away those winter neutrals and add a bit of colour to your wardrobe. And these DIY washi tape bangles are the perfect way to get started! Not only will they add a pop of cute pattern to any look but they’re also a fab way to use up your washi stash. I’ve got a serious washi tape addiction so any way to work through my fave rolls is fine by me because it means I can by more guilt-free! So with that in mind, let’s hop to it and get makin’.

DIY washi tape bangles

To make these bangles, you’ll need:
– Bangles! I used the blank wooden ones you can get from craft shops but plastic would work just as well.
– All your fave washi
– Gel medium + paint brush


Start by covering your bangles with washi. Leave a little on either side to fold into the centre and ensure nice clean edges.

DIY washi tape bangles

Then just continue around! Overlap each new piece slightly to avoid any wobbly joins!

DIY washi tape bangles

Ta da! Once your bangle is entirely covered, smooth out any creases and make sure everything is nice and flat.


Then grab your gel medium and give the bangle a coat! It’s best to do a couple of layers (letting each one fully dry in between) and paint up the inside of the bangle while you’re at it!


Once your bangles are dry they’re ready to wear! Quick, easy and super cute! Hey there Spring, how you doin’?

Don’t forget to share your crafting over on instagram with #madewithpaperandpin so I can follow along! Can’t wait to see you rocking these :)