DIY Washi-lined Envelopes!

I’ve got to admit, I don’t send many letters. I’m definitely more of a text-message kind of gal (who wouldn’t be with all the endless emoji possibilities!?). But when I do send a letter, I like to make it extra special. I’m talking hand-made cards, scented pens and an envelope full of sequins! I like the idea of opening up a regular looking envelope and being greeted with an fab surprise, which is where these DIY washi-lined envelopes come in! With just a little bit of careful cutting and a few lines of washi, you can spruice up any piece of snail mail!

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To begin, you’ll need:
– A regular envelope
– All your favourite washi tapes
– Scissors
(yep, that’s all you need!)

Start by carefully cutting the envelope so it lies flat. A few gentle snips down the join of the bottom flaps should do the trick!


Then pick your fave washi tapes and start sticking them down, covering the inside of the top flap and around halfway down the middle section. Diagonal stripes look great but take this as an opportunity to get creative with different patterns!


Once you’re finished sticking down the washi, trim off any excess and fold the envelope back up. Then stick bottom joins back together with a few pieces of washi.

Now pop in a lovely letter, seal it with a kiss and into the post box it goes! Too cute!

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