DIY Vintage Trim Rosettes


A little while ago, I was gifted some absolutely gorgeous vintage trim and I’ve been wondering what to make from it ever since. That’s the thing with vintage craft supplies; they’re too special to use on just any old run of the mill project! So I’ve been saving it up, waiting for inspiration to strike. And this weekend, it did! I was admiring the rosettes my mum recently won in a quilt show (she’d such a clever cookie!) and just loved how lush and fancy they were. And then it hit me – how wonderful would a rosette from vintage trim be? Rosettes are already wonderfully retro and making one from my lovely vintage trim would add an extra layer of history and kitschy cuteness. And just imagine a wearing a rosette brooch? Or adding one of these lovelives to some gift wrapping? Too special!

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So, lets get started! Obviously these little guys can be easily made from non-vintage trim or even just strips of fabric! But have a hunt around your local vintage or op-shop and you’re certain to find some vintage goodness! Otherwise, etsy has an amazing supply! Just remember, the wider the trim the bigger the rosette! So let’s get started!

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & PinYou’ll need:
– Vintage trim or braid
– Thread + needle
– Safety pin
– Scissors
– (Optional) felt + embroidery thread

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & Pin

Start by making the gathery rosette part by folding the trim on itself like an accordion. Then simply thread up your needle, poke it down the middle and pull through.

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & Pin

Once you think you’ve folded enough, pull the thread tight and flatten the braid out to create a nice gathered circle. If at this point you think you need to add some more fullness, just push the creases back up together and continue folding the trim and passing the needle through. If you’re happy with the gathers, just pass the needle through to where you started to complete the loop and end off. Then snip off the excess trim.


Now take your needle and thread and stitch the two raw trim edges together. Make sure to sew from the back so the stitches remain hidden!



To create the hanging ribbons, fold up the edge of the trim to create a point and stitch down then. Cut to your prefered length and then repeat to create the second ribbon.


Secure the strips of trim to the rosette with a few small stitches and while you’re at it, add a safety pin!

Your DIY vintage trim rosette is now complete! At this point, you can leave it as is or cut a little circle of felt and embroider a message. Then secure the felt with a few small stitches or some glue!

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & Pin

Now wear your rosette with pride! Or maybe give it to a well deserving friend?

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