DIY Paper Pom-Poms!

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |

Aren’t pom-poms just the greatest? I have made so many over the years and have countless bags of the little ones you get from the craft shop. There’s just something about a little colourful fluff ball that I can’t resist! But, sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down and wrap cardboard donuts in yarn. And for times like those, I’ve created this super quick, super easy DIY paper pom-poms tutorial! Ok, so they’re not quite as fluffy but they’re pretty dang cute, especially when strung up as a garland! And all you need is paper, a circle punch and glue! Winning!

– Large circle paper punch
– Coloured paper
– White craft glue/PVA
– Scissors
– Baker’s twine

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |
For each pom-pom, you’ll need to punch 4 circles then fold them in half.

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |

Then, glue the circles together. Make sure to only place a small line of glue close to the fold and then glue each circle to the next so all the folds end up in the centre.

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |
If you’re wanting to string your pom-poms into a garland, it’s best to just stick them straight on the twine. So before you stick in your last circle, take your twine and run it down the middle. Then add some glue and pop the final circle’s fold on top of the twine.

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |
You’ll end up with this lovely four-sided sphere-ish shape. Isn’t it nice?

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |
Take your scissors and cut little snips along the edge of each side. Then separate out each side and fluff up the paper to give it that pom-pom look!

Now repeat until your have a gorgeous collection of paper pom-poms! These little guys look great as garlands, gift wrapping decoration or you could even pop a couple on a headband and make an awesome Freida Carlo-style head dress! Or just string them around the house to add a little colour to your day.

DIY paper pom-poms |