DIY mix ‘n’ match fruit coasters!


So you may have noticed things have been a bit out of whack over here lately. I’ve recently been working a crazy job that called for a lot of 12 hour days so my life kinda feel apart a little. But things are quieting down and I’m super happy to be getting back in the swing of things with these DIY mix ‘n’ match fruit coasters! I’ve always had a ting for kitschy coasters, like those ones with cut-outs that create a picture when you stack them up! And so rather than just round fruit coasters, I decided to mix things up and make fruit halves! It’s like the easiest game of memory for your coffee table!

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DIY mix and match fruit coasters

Aaaaaaaand they’re heaps easy to make! Let’s get started!

To make these cuties, you’ll need:
– Wooden coaster rounds (or cork!) – I got mine from Bunnings!
– Craft knife + ruler
– Acrylic paint + brushes
– Washi tape (the thinner the better)

DIY mix and match fruit coasters step1
Start by using your craft knife to cut the coaster rounders down the middle.

DIY mix and match fruit coasters step2

Then grab your brushes and start painting up a storm! Begin with the base coat – pink for the watermelons, light orange for the orange and yellow for the lemon!


Next grab your washi tape! I used a thin tape which is about half the width of a regular roll but if you don’t have thing tape you can just cut yours in half! You’ll want to stick down a line of tape along the top and then two running diagonal from the centre. Then take a contrasting paint colour (darker orange for the oranges, white for the lemon) and paint in the segments, making a nice rounded edge as you work around the bottom.


And for the watermelon, simply take your green paint and paint a thin boarder around the bottom edge. Then either paint in some seeds with black paint or (if you’re lazy like me) draw them on with a sharpie! Once all the paint is dry, peel off the washi and you’re done! Now you can either leave your coasters as is or hit them with a coat of varnish for a bit of extra protection.

DIY mix and match fruit coasters

Now all you need is a a glass of something yummy and you’r ready to enjoy your fruit coasters and let those summer vibes flow!

If you decide to make these cuties, don’t forget to share your progress photos with #madewithpaperandpin so I can follow along! I love see what you guys make!