DIY geometric paper gift boxes


Well I’m calling it, the festive season is upon us! YAY! I’m ready to strap myself in for the next two months of non-stop end of year parties and Xmas gift prepping (because I’ll be taking my own advice and doing DIY gifts this year!). Hooray!

And since we’re entering the giving season, today I’m sharing these adorbs DIY geometric paper gift boxes! Perfect for a special trinket (or just a special treat!), these cuties only take a few quick folds to make! And the larger the piece of paper, the larger the final box! I used gorgeous Japanese Midori origami paper (+ stickers, twine and tape) from Rabbit and the Duck, which was just the perfect size to create an adorable mini box. Plus just look at those patterns!


So, to start you’ll need:
– Paper squares
– Ruler
– Craft knife
– Washi tape/stickers/twine
– Hole punch (optional)

DIY geometric paper gift box

Start by measuring your paper into thirds. I made a mark with my craft knife to avoid any pencil marks (if you do prefer to mark out your lines with pencil, make sure to do it on the side that will be facing in!).

DIY geometric paper gift boxDIY geometric paper gift box

Crease along the thirds, folding inwards. Then unfold and repeat in the other direction to end up with a grid of 9 squares created
by the folds.geobox_step4-w-guides DIY geometric paper gift box

Next, grab your ruler and craft knife and score lightly along the dotted lines marked on the diagram above. Then crease along these lines, making sure the fold is heading in towards the back (or in my case, white) side of the paper.

DIY geometric paper gift box DIY geometric paper gift box

Then Fold the paper into a box! It takes a bit of fiddling but essentuially you’re aiming for each of the scored side pieces to meet over the non-scored middle square to create the sides. Then the triangle-scored middle sections will fold in on themselves to allow the box to close!

DIY geometric paper gift box

Then you can either secure the opening with a sticker or some cute washi or punch a hole through the sides, thread through some twine and secure with a bow!


Yay! Well done you crafty champ! Oh my goodness these little guys are too CUTE! It’s too much!

Supplies for this post were provided by Rabbit and the Duck – thanks for supporting the brands that support Paper and Pin! :)