DIY Felt Love Patches

DIY Felt Love Patches |

I’ve got to admit, Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays – although not for the reasons you might think! Sure, getting loved up is nice but for me it’s all about the craft! Valentine’s is one of the most crafty days of the year – there’s so many options and nobody seems to mind if you get a little craft-crazy – it just shows how much you love them! Usually I stick with something traditional and make my boyfriend a card (although one year I did go all out and make a ‘Game of Life’ style board game based around us. What can I say, he’s a lucky guy!). This year, I was contemplating my Val. Day craft options when I came across these packets of sticker-felt in Daiso and immediately knew I had to make (and share) these DIY felt love patches!

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– Sticker-backed felt (you can get packets of different coloured squares at Daiso or whole A4 size sheets at Lincraft)
– Fabric scissors (make sure they’ve got a nice sharp point!)

This project is literally as easy as cutting out shapes and sticking them together! The great thing about Daiso’s sticker-felt is that it has a grid printed on the back, which makes freestyle cutting really easy (especially for the letters!). But I’ve also put together a printable template in case you don’t want to just jump in with a pair of scissors. Download it here!

DIY Felt Love Patches |

Then simply cut out the shapes in whichever colours your prefer and stick ’em on! Too easy, right?

DIY Felt Love Patches |

Now you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day trinket for your bf, gf, bff or even just yourself! Just the perfect thing to adorn a backpack, notebook or back-of-phone this coming Val. Day.

These patches are super quick to whip up, but if you’re strapped for time you can buy them for a limited time in my Etsy store! I’d love if you went and had a look-see!