DIY Avocado Coin Purse

DIY Avocado Coin Purse

I’m totally a purse kind of gal. Literally. I haven’t had a wallet in years! At the moment, I’ve got a navy blue leather purse with a silver clasp which I just adore! There’s just something about a purse that makes me feel fancy!

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And plus, they’re super handy! Honestly, I don’t know how people get around with spare change just clanking in their pockets! And this little avocado number is no exception! It’s just the perfect shape and size to fit a handful of coins, your keys and a lipgloss – all the essentials. And all you need is some felt, a zipper and a lil’ bit of blanket stitch. It’s a sinch!

To make this DIY avocado coin purse, you’ll need:
– Felt in yellow, green and brown
– Embroidery thread + needle
– Zipper

step1 avocado coin purse

Start by cutting an avo shape from your felt. I made a template from a used cereal box but this is totally optional, you can just cut on shape from the yellow then copy it on the green. Mine was approx. 10cm high but if you want something a bit bigger or have a largeish zip then by all means, cut a bigger shape! Once you’ve got your two avocado sides, cut a circle from brown felt to be the seed.

step1 avocado coin purse

Start your stitching by securing the seed with an outline of blanket stitch (see here for a quick demo of this stitch!).

step3 avocado coin purse

Then stitch the bottom half of the yellow side to the bottom of the green side, again using blanket stitch. Leave a nice large gap for the zipper around the top!¬†Once you’ve stitched the two sides together around the bottom, end off with a knot.


Now you’re ready to stitch in the zipper. Start from the zip side and blanket-stitch the edge of the yellow just outside the side of the zip, making sure to start your stitching as close to the stithcing around the bottom as possible to avoid making any holes.


Once you’ve stitched the yellow side to the zip, flip over the do the same with the green! You may need to open the zipper as you work your way around so you can easily access the felt’s edge.


I just love the finished purse, it’s too cute! The perfect place to keep your spare change (or taco spending money – whatever you prefer!).

Don’t forget to share your craft-in-progress shots over on instagram with #madewithpaperandpin so I can follow along. I love seeing what you create!