DIY 15 Minute Colour Block Necklace

DIY 15 Minute Colour Block Necklace

Hello and Happy DIY day (otherwise known to non-crafty people as Wednesday…)! This week, I’m bringing you something quick and easy to add a lil’ colour to your wardrobe with my DIY 15 minute colour block necklace!

The whole geomtric-trend that’s happening at the moment is definitely one of my faves. I just can’t get enough of triangles and right-angles, they just look so lovely and clean! So when I saw these square wooden pieces, I just knew I had to make a necklace! And what better way to decorate wooden beads than with a lil’ colour blocking! This DIY involves some very, very simple drilling and painting but should take no time at all and you’ll be rocking your new necklace in no time at all!

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Time: 15 minutes (excluding drying time)

– Pre-cut wooden squares (you can find these at more hardware stores or you could just buy some dowl and cut your own!)
– Acrylic paint and brushes
– Washi tape (or just regular masking tape!)
– Waxed cotton cord
– Dremel or drill


Start by drilling holes into your wooden squares. I used a dremel – if you’re using drill, it’s probably best to clamp your squares to your work bench to ensure nice straight holes + to avoid drilling your fingers! Just a few hole and ta da! You’ve got beads!


Next, crack open your paints! To get nice straight lines, tape off the shapes your want to create with washi or masking tape. Then got nuts with colour!


Give your beads a lil’ while to dry then simply string them on some waxed cotton and pop them round your neck! I separated mine out with few colourful spacer-beads, but that’s entirely up to you :)

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