DIY crochet conversation hearts

DIY Crochet Conversation Hearts

DIY crochet conversation hearts

Ok, that’s it. I’m calling it. I’ve made THE CUTEST THING! No other things can compare, I’m throwing in the towel. MY WORK HERE IS DONE!

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But for reals, I am SO excited about these DIY crochet conversation hearts! Overall, I’m not really in to Valentine’s Day EXCEPT for all the kitschy nifty-gifties! I love the red velvety roses, those little plush bears holding hearts and heart shaped boxes of chocolates. It’s like for one day of the year we all forget what good taste is and live out a 1950s romantics dream. It’s too much fun!

But I think my favourite Val-Day kitschyness would definitely have to be conversation hearts, although weirdly I’ve never actually seen them in the flesh (I don’t think we have them in Australia?)! I love the pastel colours and daggy loved-up messages so of course I couldn’t let the 14th of Feb pass by without at least one conversation heart inspired DIY!

DIY crochet conversation hearts

These plush little hearts are so easy to whip up (only two crochet stitches needed!) and are just so cute! Create a collection for that special someone, pop them on a keyring as a gift for your gal pals or just make one for yourself! To get started, you’ll need: (more…)

Crochet Star Ornaments

DIY Crochet Star Ornaments


This Christmas, I’m trying to follow my own advice and hand-make gifts. But sometimes, with all the craziness that happens over the silly season (seriously, I think all my weekends are full booked til January!) time just gets away and a trip to the shops is necessary. So at times like this, I think it’s nice to add a little bit of handmade into the gift wrapping and these DIY Crochet Star Ornaments are just perfect! Made with hessian twine (which comes in an array of festive colours!) from my fave stationary supplier Rabbit and the Duck, these stars look fab on top of a gift and can be reused as ornaments on a Christmas tree!

To get started, all you need is some hessian twine, a 4.5mm crochet hook and this pattern!


It looks a bit complicated but is super simple once you get the hang of it! (more…)

Make Together! – Weaving projects for parents and kids

Today is definitely a happy Friday because I’m launching my latest feature ‘Make Together’, which is all about projects and techniques that adults and kids can practice side by side.

When I was growing up, my sisters and I always wanted to join in with my mum’s craft projects so she would give us simplified versions of what she was making. If mum was quilting, we’d work on a little doll’s quilt. Or if mum was painting some folk-art (oh man, remember folk art? How great were the 90s?), we’d paint up some of those mini papier-mache boxes. This way, we were kept busy (and out of mum’s hair!) while learning some new skills. Better than plonking us in front of the TV, right?

weaving projects for parents and kids
So, to start us off, I’ve gathered some weaving projects for parents and kids. I’m absolutely crazy about handmade woven rugs at the moment – I can’t wait to have a spare moment so I can start one! Which is why I love My Poppet’s braided t-shirt rug because it’s got that woven look but is a simpler, quicker braided variation. You won’t need to too much time or have to make up a loom but you will need a sewing machine.

And while you’re making your rug, you can set the kids up with some cardboard loom weaving from Art Bar Blog! This project is great for building fine motor skills and when they’re done, you’ll have some adorable kid-made wall hangings!


Beginner’s Crochet Resources!

Beginner's crochet resources | lauraimurray.com

Full disclosure here, I’m becoming a bit of a crochet addict. It’s one of those great hobbies that can be as simple or complex as you like  – sometimes I’m experimenting and drafting new patterns, other times I can just sit down with a project and do some simple stitches. There’s always more to learn and the possibilities of what you can create are just endless!

But my road to crochet wasn’t easy. My mum first taught me the basics when I was in my teens but for a while all I could master a granny square! Looking at patterns (especially the written ones!) made my head hurt and I only knew treble stitch. Yikes! And crochet isn’t like riding a bike! All the stitches are variations on the same looping techniques so it can be easy to get muddled and need a refresher. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together my favourite beginner’s crochet resources! (more…)

DIY Crochet covered baubles | lauraimurray.com

Make it! DIY Crochet Covered Baubles

DIY Crochet covered baubles | lauraimurray.comWell it’s official, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The sun is shining, the jacarandas are in full bloom and every weekend I can smell my neighbours barbequing. Talk about Christmas cheer! And with that in mind, I’ve been spending all my spare time whipping up these adorable DIY crochet covered baubles (I like to think of them as baubles in cardigans!). The pattern is very simple, just alternating lines of double crochet and treble stitch to make the stripes – definitely suitable for newbie and experienced crocheters alike! But if all this seems like too much for you, don’t worry, check out beginner’s crochet resources!

The pattern is made in two halves to get that gorgeous round shape without any holes. I’ve drafted a chart along with written instructions and have indicated the different row colours for the traditional green and red version. But, if you’re like me and don’t really go in for the ‘classic’ Christmas colours, feel free to cut loose and get creative!

– 8 ply yarn
– 4mm crochet hook
– 8.5 (or there about) radius bauble (more…)


Make it! DIY Felt Pom Pom and Crochet Garland!

DIY Felt Pom Pom and Crochet GarlandI was recently gifted a large supply of wool roving (I know, so exciting!) and the first thing that sprung to mind was felted balls. I just LOVE all the different sized felt balls you can buy at craft shops (Lucello in Melbourne has an exceptional selection) and had always wanted to give making them a go. And then, of course, I had to figure out what to do with them. Enter this DIY felt pom-pom and crochet garland! Crocheting the baker’s twine gives this garland a little something extra, plus it keeps the pom-poms perfectly spaced. And don’t worry, it’s super simple, even for beginners!

Like this DIY? Find more here!

– Wool roving
– Baker’s twine
– Film canister or similar small container
– Warm, soapy water
– 3mm crochet hook
– Large doll marking needle (or any needle with a very large eye)
– Scissors (more…)