DIY Lamington Pincushions

Make It! DIY Lamington Pincushions

DIY Lamington Pincushion

In honour of Australia Day, I’m reposting these cuties (first published in 2014). No matter how you feel about it, Aus Day is a day to spend with friends and family and enjoy some food and fun in the sun (and maybe a little craft as well!). 

Ok, confession time – I love cake. All cake, any cake and at all times of day! Breakfast cake is a personal favourite, as is ‘pocket cake’ (that’s birthday cake wrapped in a napkin, stowed in a pocket and eaten on the way home from a party!). I obviously don’t have a specific favourite (it would be like asking me to pick a favourite child!) but I am especially partial to lamingtons! For any non-Australians reading, lamington’s are a piece of sponge dipped in chocolate icing and coated in dessicated coconut. Named after Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland from 1896 – 1901, lamingtons are a delicious morning tea or afternoon snack and best served with a layer of fresh cream and jam in the middle. Too yum! So, in honour of this most delicious Australian delicacy, I decided to create a pair of adorable felt DIY lamington pincushions!

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– Black, red and white felt
– Black embroidery thread and a needle
– Long white seed beads
– Scissors + pinking shears
– Fabric glue
– Polyester filling (more…)

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Stitch felt love pennants for Valentine’s Day!

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Yikes, Val-Day is almost upon us and I’m not sure how I feel about it… I mean, a day to get all loved up and give handmade cards? Awesome! But I’m not sure I’m a fan of all the pomp and frippery that comes with it. Overpriced roses? Weird set menus ‘for two’ at restauants? That’s not really my jam.

Generally, V-Day is an occasion to make a card for my boyfriend, maybe eat a whole box of chocolates and that’s generally it. I guess I’m more into the Galentine’s Day approach of showering your lady friends with love. So when I was thinking up Val-Day craft DIYs I wanted to make something that would be perfect for your bf/gf and bff and I think these felt love pennants really take the cake!

Made with felt and lines of stitching, these love pennants are the perfect nifty-gifty for your loved ones. Pop them on a stick or just pin them up around the place and feel the love!

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

To get started, we’ll need:
– Felt (A4 sized sheets are best)
– Embroidery thread (6 strand) + needle
– Water soluble marker or chalk pencil
– Wooden dowel
– Scissors

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Start by cutting out your felt triangles. I made the top of mine 10cm wide and used the short edge of the felt as a guide for the length.

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Then mark out your design using a chalk pencil or water-soluble marker. I LOVE water-soluble markers, I use them whenever I’m marking out an embroidery design. They stay nice and bright while you’re stitching and then come off easily with a spritz of water!

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Now to start stitch your design! Thread up your needle with 3 strands of embroidery thread and make a knot in the end. You can outline in backstitch or my favourite, chain stitch. To start chain stitch, bring your needle up from the back.

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Then reinsert the needle from the front next to the exiting thread and make a stitch, passing the thread under the point of the needle as it comes through. Passing the thread under the needle is what makes the loop of the chain so do’t forget!


Then pull the thread nice and tight and you’ve got a lovely little chain!


DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

To continue, reinsert the needle from the front just outside the chain you just made, make a stitch and pass the thread under the needle point before you pull through. Then keep stitching away until your whole design is covered!

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

If you want to pop your pennant on a stick, just cut two strips of felt, fold them over to make tabs and secure with a few quick stitches.

DIY felt love pennants | Paper & Pin

Ah so much cuteness! Your pennant is now ready to give to whoever your heart desires!

DIY Avocado Coin Purse

DIY Avocado Coin Purse

DIY Avocado Coin Purse

I’m totally a purse kind of gal. Literally. I haven’t had a wallet in years! At the moment, I’ve got a navy blue leather purse with a silver clasp which I just adore! There’s just something about a purse that makes me feel fancy!

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And plus, they’re super handy! Honestly, I don’t know how people get around with spare change just clanking in their pockets! And this little avocado number is no exception! It’s just the perfect shape and size to fit a handful of coins, your keys and a lipgloss – all the essentials. And all you need is some felt, a zipper and a lil’ bit of blanket stitch. It’s a sinch!

To make this DIY avocado coin purse, you’ll need:
– Felt in yellow, green and brown
– Embroidery thread + needle
– Zipper

step1 avocado coin purse


DIY cityscape cushions

DIY Cityscape Cushions!

DIY cityscape cushions

I was taking a stroll through my city at sunset the other week and was struck by how beautiful all the buildings looks lit up by the colourful sky. It was like a gorgeous urban rainbow and I just knew I had to record it somehow! But rather than just do a quick sketch, I decided to take the colours and shapes I had seen and turn them into DIY cityscape cushions for my bed. So I took all my favourite buildings and landmarks and made them into colourful plushies!

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This DIY is so quick and easy (just a little bit of painting and stitching) and if you love your city as much as I do then it’s definitely for you! So let’s get makin’!

First up, you’ll need:

– Black and white homespun fabric
– Fabric paint and brushes
– Scissors
– Sewing machine
– Black and white thread
– Fibre fill
– Hand stitching needle (more…)


DIY Knit Laptop Cover!


This winter in Sydney has been particularly bitter and I’ve spent a lot of time curled up in a big jumper (or sweater to my US pals) with a tea and some Netflix. Big jumpers are actually kind of an obsession of mine, I just love rummaging through op-shops for them. So much so that by the end of winter I generally have a few too many! But instead of just filling up my drawers, I decided to repurpose an old jumper into a snazzy DIY knit laptop cover! It’s so super cute and I’m sure my computer loves snuggling up with a sweater just as much as I do!

First up, you’ll need:
– A much loved knit jumper
– Scissors (preferably good sharp fabric scissors!)
– Sewing machine
– Matching thread
– Pins + hand stitching needle
– Wooden toggles
– Waxed cotton or leather cord (more…)


DIY Pom Pom Coasters!

I have a lot of pom poms. I mean a LOT. Bags and bags full. So I’m always thinking of ways to use them up… so I can buy more! Haha! These DIY pom pom coasters are the perfect insulation for a cup of tea and will bring that extra pop of colour to any tea party! So let’s get started!

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To begin, you’ll need:
– Pom poms
– Needle and thread
– Glue gun (optional) (more…)

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & Pin

DIY Vintage Trim Rosettes


A little while ago, I was gifted some absolutely gorgeous vintage trim and I’ve been wondering what to make from it ever since. That’s the thing with vintage craft supplies; they’re too special to use on just any old run of the mill project! So I’ve been saving it up, waiting for inspiration to strike. And this weekend, it did! I was admiring the rosettes my mum recently won in a quilt show (she’d such a clever cookie!) and just loved how lush and fancy they were. And then it hit me – how wonderful would a rosette from vintage trim be? Rosettes are already wonderfully retro and making one from my lovely vintage trim would add an extra layer of history and kitschy cuteness. And just imagine a wearing a rosette brooch? Or adding one of these lovelives to some gift wrapping? Too special!

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So, lets get started! Obviously these little guys can be easily made from non-vintage trim or even just strips of fabric! But have a hunt around your local vintage or op-shop and you’re certain to find some vintage goodness! Otherwise, etsy has an amazing supply! Just remember, the wider the trim the bigger the rosette! So let’s get started!

vintage trim rosettes | Paper & Pin (more…)


DIY Felt Love Patches

DIY Felt Love Patches |

I’ve got to admit, Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays – although not for the reasons you might think! Sure, getting loved up is nice but for me it’s all about the craft! Valentine’s is one of the most crafty days of the year – there’s so many options and nobody seems to mind if you get a little craft-crazy – it just shows how much you love them! Usually I stick with something traditional and make my boyfriend a card (although one year I did go all out and make a ‘Game of Life’ style board game based around us. What can I say, he’s a lucky guy!). This year, I was contemplating my Val. Day craft options when I came across these packets of sticker-felt in Daiso and immediately knew I had to make (and share) these DIY felt love patches!

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– Sticker-backed felt (you can get packets of different coloured squares at Daiso or whole A4 size sheets at Lincraft)
– Fabric scissors (make sure they’ve got a nice sharp point!) (more…)

DIY Button Hoop Art

Make it! Button Hoop Art DIY

Button Hoop Art DIY

I have absolutely LOVED embroidery for as long as I can remember, it’s one of my favourite ways to spruce up craft and sewing projects. What I’ve put together here is a super simple but adorable hoop art project which combines embroidery and vintage buttons. It’s perfect for any newbies wanting to learn some new stitches and also a great quick project for those with a bit more experience!

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Button Hoop Art DIYNow, this button hoop art DIY calls for two embroidery stitches – backstitch and lazy daisy. These are both super easy, as you can for my little gif. above! But if this all seems a bit much, don’t worry, I’m going to guide you through it all! First up, materials!

Button Hoop Art DIY

– An embroidery hoop
– Cotton or linen homespun fabric (natural fibres have a nice rustic look and are a bit thicker than cotton-poly blends)
– 6-ply embroidery thread
– Embroidery needle
– Scissors
– Vintage buttons (most op-shops sell gorgeous old buttons. Otherwise just buy some cute new ones!)
– (Optional) PVA glue

Time: 1 hour (more…)