Concertina heart card

Concertina Heart Card

Concertina heart card

My favourite kind of cards has always been pop-up (or even better, those pop up ones that play music!) but they’re always super expensive! $14 for a card? I don’t think so!

Instead, I thought I’d take my own advice and make a pop-up but realised that Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner. Yikes, no time for that! So fter a quick stint back at the drawing board, I came up with this concertina heart card! Quick to whip up and with it’s nifty concertina unfolding, it’s bound to blow the socks off your squeeze!


To get started, you’ll need:

  • Watercolour paper + paints
  • Split pins
  • Scissors
  • Twine

Concertina heart card step 1

First up, we’re going to get painty! Just grab a brush and go to town with your watercolours. The key is to be liberal with the water and load your brush up with heaps of paint, blending the colours together as you go to avoid hard edges.

Concertina heart card step 2

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, draw and cut out heart on some card (cereal boxes are great for this!) to use as a template. Then trace around this on the back of your painted sheet and cut out the hearts.

Concertina heart card

Once you’ve cut out all your hearts (I use 6 in total and also added some plain pink, but that’s completely up to you!), it’s time to use the split pins to attach them together! Stack the hearts on top of each other and join each one to the heart below it. As you go, the position of the split pin will swap from one side of the heart, creating a kind of heart accordion.

Concertina heart card Concertina heart card

Once you’ve joined all the hearts together, you’re ready to add some twine.

Concertina heart card

Simply tie a knot in the end of a piece of twine and pop it on the back of the split pin on the open side of the front and back hearts.

Concertina heart card

It’s really as simple as that! Before you give the card away, wrap the twine around it and tie a cute little bow. And if you want to be super creative, make a huge string of heart that could double as bunting!


DIY geometric paper gift boxes


Well I’m calling it, the festive season is upon us! YAY! I’m ready to strap myself in for the next two months of non-stop end of year parties and Xmas gift prepping (because I’ll be taking my own advice and doing DIY gifts this year!). Hooray!

And since we’re entering the giving season, today I’m sharing these adorbs DIY geometric paper gift boxes! Perfect for a special trinket (or just a special treat!), these cuties only take a few quick folds to make! And the larger the piece of paper, the larger the final box! I used gorgeous Japanese Midori origami paper (+ stickers, twine and tape) from Rabbit and the Duck, which was just the perfect size to create an adorable mini box. Plus just look at those patterns!


So, to start you’ll need:
– Paper squares
– Ruler
– Craft knife
– Washi tape/stickers/twine
– Hole punch (optional)

DIY geometric paper gift box

Start by measuring your paper into thirds. I made a mark with my craft knife to avoid any pencil marks (if you do prefer to mark out your lines with pencil, make sure to do it on the side that will be facing in!).

DIY geometric paper gift boxDIY geometric paper gift box

Crease along the thirds, folding inwards. Then unfold and repeat in the other direction to end up with a grid of 9 squares created
by the folds.geobox_step4-w-guides DIY geometric paper gift box

Next, grab your ruler and craft knife and score lightly along the dotted lines marked on the diagram above. Then crease along these lines, making sure the fold is heading in towards the back (or in my case, white) side of the paper.

DIY geometric paper gift box DIY geometric paper gift box

Then Fold the paper into a box! It takes a bit of fiddling but essentuially you’re aiming for each of the scored side pieces to meet over the non-scored middle square to create the sides. Then the triangle-scored middle sections will fold in on themselves to allow the box to close!

DIY geometric paper gift box

Then you can either secure the opening with a sticker or some cute washi or punch a hole through the sides, thread through some twine and secure with a bow!


Yay! Well done you crafty champ! Oh my goodness these little guys are too CUTE! It’s too much!

Supplies for this post were provided by Rabbit and the Duck – thanks for supporting the brands that support Paper and Pin! :)

Maker's Tip - the best paint for (almost) everything!

Maker’s Tip – the best paint for (almost) everything!

Maker's Tip - the best paint for (almost) everything!

If there’s one thing that I always manage to stuff up, it’s mixing paint. It’s not colour that’s the problem, it’s the quantity. See, I always feel terrible when I waste paint (I’ve even been know to try and put excess paint back into the tube!) which means that I’m always over cautious and never mix enough. Cue a frustrated 10 minutes madly trying to re-match the shade!

Which is why I’m mad about sample paint pots. You know, those little tubs or tins of paint you get from the Hardware shop when you’re picking your wall colour. Well, I use them for (almost!) everything, including my photo backdrops that you see EVERYWHERE on this blog, this painted block DIY and a bunch of projects in my new ebook Make to Give! I love these pots because they only cost a couple of dollars and you can always get the exact shade you’re looking for with no mixing or re-mixing required! The paint is generally thicker than your regular acrylic craft paint so you get great coverage and once you’re done, just pop the lid back on and leave the rest for the next project.

There are definitely some things this paint probably isn’t best for, including fabric (although only if you’re planning to wash it, if not, go crazy like I did with my giant picnic rug DIY!) and paper (it’s a bit thick for painting on paper but works a treat on heavy card). And it generally doesn’t wash off clothes particularly well so remember put your painting pants on!

If you’ve got some more hot paint-related tips, let me know! And if there’s a crafty trick you’re DYING to know or just need held with a certain skill, let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to help you out in the next instalment of Maker’s Tip :) :)


DIY Watercolour Washi Tape!

DIY Watercolour Washi Tape on Paper & Pin!

If you’re a regular reader of this her blog, you might have noticed I have a slight obsession with washi (see some of my fave washi projects here, here and here). I kind of really love it. But then again, who doesn’t? It’s just such an easy way to jazz up literally anything and is so dang easy to buy! But recently, when I had a hankering for a few new rolls to add to my collection, I showed some restraint and decided to try my hand at making some instead! I’d already had a little experience with DIY washi tape as it was one of the projects I sent out in June’s Craft on Delivery and decided to take this to the next level with the addition of some gorgeous watercolour textures. And it actually turned out super well and was surprisingly easy! So let’s get to it!

First up, you’ll need:
– Watercolour paints + brushes
– Tissue paper (something a little thicker is better. I used handmade tissue paper which I picked up at the craft shop!)
– Double sided tape
– Twine
– Scissors (more…)


DIY Washi Tape Keyrings!


For most of 2015, my keys have lived on a lanyard. And not a pretty or cute lanyard. No no, my keys live on a dark blue lanyard I got for free. And I’m not going to lie, it’s a little bit yuck!

But this was born from necessity! See, I kept loosing my keys in the bottom of my bag or just leaving them at home all together. Super annoying, right? So the logic behind the lanyard was that it was much easier to see and a heap more ‘grab-able’ when kicking around in my handbag. But the time has come to make a change.

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For my new keyring, I needed something eye-catching and large enough that I wouldn’t loose it. And I think these DIY washi tape keyrings are the perfect solution! They’re bright, fun and the large enough that (hopefully!) I’ll be able to fish them out of my bag pretty easily! So let’s get making!

DIY-washi-tape-keyrings-progress (more…)


Mother’s Day DIY Origami and Confetti Card


Earlier in the week, I shared some pretty darn cute felt tulips – the perfect DIY gift for Mother’s Day! So why not team those up with this equally cute DIY origami and confetti card? Don’t worry, the origami is super simple (only a few quick folds) and perfectly contained the confetti for a lovely mother’s day surprise!

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To get started, you’ll need:
– A5 (half A4) sided craft paper
– Coloured paper (for punching)
– A fun shaped paper-punch
– Scissors
– Glue (more…)


DIY Washi-lined Envelopes!

I’ve got to admit, I don’t send many letters. I’m definitely more of a text-message kind of gal (who wouldn’t be with all the endless emoji possibilities!?). But when I do send a letter, I like to make it extra special. I’m talking hand-made cards, scented pens and an envelope full of sequins! I like the idea of opening up a regular looking envelope and being greeted with an fab surprise, which is where these DIY washi-lined envelopes come in! With just a little bit of careful cutting and a few lines of washi, you can spruice up any piece of snail mail!

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To begin, you’ll need:
– A regular envelope
– All your favourite washi tapes
– Scissors
(yep, that’s all you need!)

Start by carefully cutting the envelope so it lies flat. A few gentle snips down the join of the bottom flaps should do the trick! (more…)

Make Together – Paper Flowers

For the next installment of ‘Make Together’ (a regular feature here on Paper & Pin focused on craft projects that you can and the kid’s can practice side by side) I’m looking at paper flowers! So let’s hop to it and make together!

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I love paper flowers, there’s something so gorgeous about replicating nature in the bold, graphic medium of paper. And this paper peony from The Elli Blog is no exception! This flower is a little complicated but The Elli Blog’s tutorial features a ton of photos and is super easy to follow so definitely give it a go. The final product would look gorgeous as part of a paper flower bouquet, as a statement decor on gift wrapping or even just on it’s own!

And while you’re crafting up a storm with your peony, you can get the kids started on this gorgeous tissue paper wisteria garland by Honest to Nod!  The delicate flowers are easily made with a little bit if cutting, twisting and thread and the little ones will enjoy seeing them grow into a stunning garland.

For more kid’s craft ideas, check out my pinterest board!


DIY Paper Fruit Straws |

DIY Paper Fruit Straws

DIY Paper Fruit-Straws | Paper & Pin

Do you ever find your drink a little under-dressed? I certainly do, especially if I’m drinking a cocktail. A cocktail should LOOK like a cocktail, you know? Like how you always imagined them when you were a kid – about 20 centimeters tall, covered in mini umbrellas and graduating shades of orange and red. YUM! I remember the first time I actually bought a cocktail I was kind of disappointed – no mini umbrella and no change from $20. What is this?!

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With that in mind, today’s DIY paper fruit straws are all about adding that extra little bit of kitsch that every drink just needs. Perfect for cocktails, mocktails or maybe just your morning OJ? I popped one in an iced tea today and felt very special! So mix yourself something nice, pump some Beach Boys and let’s do this! (more…)

DIY paper pom-poms |

DIY Paper Pom-Poms!

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |

Aren’t pom-poms just the greatest? I have made so many over the years and have countless bags of the little ones you get from the craft shop. There’s just something about a little colourful fluff ball that I can’t resist! But, sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down and wrap cardboard donuts in yarn. And for times like those, I’ve created this super quick, super easy DIY paper pom-poms tutorial! Ok, so they’re not quite as fluffy but they’re pretty dang cute, especially when strung up as a garland! And all you need is paper, a circle punch and glue! Winning!

– Large circle paper punch
– Coloured paper
– White craft glue/PVA
– Scissors
– Baker’s twine

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |
For each pom-pom, you’ll need to punch 4 circles then fold them in half.

DIY Paper Pom-Poms |