Easy peasy felt ice cream cones!


Ok, so I have a problem. Technically, these adorable little felt ice cream cones are kid’s craft. I made them for Bloesom Kids so that makes them kid’s craft, right? But… I LOVE them! I loved making them! I want to attach them to everything I own! They’re just too darn cute and totally speak to my affinity for fake food.

So, while these little cuties are technically kid’s craft I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re suitable for all ages! Because we never grow out of cute, right? And with that in mind, let’s get making! (oh, and did I mention these are so easy and quick to make? They’re be done in 10 minutes flat, promise!).

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First up, you’ll need:
– Large pom-poms
– Cone coloured felt
– Scissors
– Glue (a hot glue gun works a treat and really speeds up the process but PVA or craft glue would also work fine!)
– Cute buttons, beads and sequins to decorate

Quick-and-easy-felt-ice-cream-cones_step1 (more…)

DIY Mother's Day Felt Tulips

Mother’s Day Felt Tulips!

DIY Mother's Day Felt Tulips
Yikes! Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day already? I don’t know about you but that really snuck up on me! But don’t worry, if you’re in a bit of a fix and need an aborable Mother’s Day gift or a fun activity to do with the kids, these DIY Mother’s Day felt tulips are just perfect! They’re quick and easy to make and are oh-so cute! Plus, they’ll definitely last longer than regular flowers!

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To begin, you’ll need:
– Felt
– Glue
– Scissors
– Bamboo skewers
– White paint + paintbrush

Start by folding a piece of felt in half and then cutting a scallop-shape.

Mother's Day Felt Tulips
Then begin to roll the felt, starting from the folded edge. Make one full roll then secure the edge with some glue. (more…)


Kid’s craft – Easter Egg Bunny Hugs!


I really love buying Easter eggs. Almost more than I love eating them (but not quite!). I love making up little hampers and gifting them to friends and family. I think I got this from my mum, who always went all out for Easter. She’d make my sisters and I gorgeous baskets and packages complete with handwritten notes from ‘the Easter Bunny’ (so sneaky!) which we’d find at the end of our beds on Easter morning. I even remember one epic Easter egg hunt she and my aunt organised at my cousins farm – think ‘The Famous Five’ mixed with a Cabury’s ad. It was just the best!

So when the lovely ladies over at Bloesom blog asked me to whip up some Easter craft, I knew it had to be chocolate egg related. And what better gift-wrapping for an choccy egg than a hug? And so these DIY Easter Egg Bunny Hugs were born! These little fellows are super easy to whip up so once the school hols set in, round up the kiddos and get a production line happening! (more…)

Make Together – Paper Flowers

For the next installment of ‘Make Together’ (a regular feature here on Paper & Pin focused on craft projects that you can and the kid’s can practice side by side) I’m looking at paper flowers! So let’s hop to it and make together!

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I love paper flowers, there’s something so gorgeous about replicating nature in the bold, graphic medium of paper. And this paper peony from The Elli Blog is no exception! This flower is a little complicated but The Elli Blog’s tutorial features a ton of photos and is super easy to follow so definitely give it a go. The final product would look gorgeous as part of a paper flower bouquet, as a statement decor on gift wrapping or even just on it’s own!

And while you’re crafting up a storm with your peony, you can get the kids started on this gorgeous tissue paper wisteria garland by Honest to Nod!  The delicate flowers are easily made with a little bit if cutting, twisting and thread and the little ones will enjoy seeing them grow into a stunning garland.

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Make Together! – Weaving projects for parents and kids

Today is definitely a happy Friday because I’m launching my latest feature ‘Make Together’, which is all about projects and techniques that adults and kids can practice side by side.

When I was growing up, my sisters and I always wanted to join in with my mum’s craft projects so she would give us simplified versions of what she was making. If mum was quilting, we’d work on a little doll’s quilt. Or if mum was painting some folk-art (oh man, remember folk art? How great were the 90s?), we’d paint up some of those mini papier-mache boxes. This way, we were kept busy (and out of mum’s hair!) while learning some new skills. Better than plonking us in front of the TV, right?

weaving projects for parents and kids
So, to start us off, I’ve gathered some weaving projects for parents and kids. I’m absolutely crazy about handmade woven rugs at the moment – I can’t wait to have a spare moment so I can start one! Which is why I love My Poppet’s braided t-shirt rug because it’s got that woven look but is a simpler, quicker braided variation. You won’t need to too much time or have to make up a loom but you will need a sewing machine.

And while you’re making your rug, you can set the kids up with some cardboard loom weaving from Art Bar Blog! This project is great for building fine motor skills and when they’re done, you’ll have some adorable kid-made wall hangings!


Kid’s Craft – DIY Split-Pin Robot Puppet

DIY Split-Pin Robot Puppet

Oh my goodness, it has been BUCKETING down in Sydney for the past few days and every time without fail I get caught outside without an umbrella! I just have the worst luck!

But on the upside, it’s the perfect weather for staying indoors and doing some craft! This kid’s craft DIY robot split pin puppet, which I whipped up for the lovely ladies over at Bloesom Blogs, is the perfect rainy day activity for the little ones. Paper craft is a great activity for kids; it’s develops fine motor skills and has minimal materials and clean-up. Kid’s will enjoy cutting out and creating this adorable split-pin robot. And when they’re done, they’ll have hours of entertainment making puppet shows and poses with this fully-jointed little character! Plus – minimal clean-up!


– Corrugated cardboard
– Split pins in fun colours
– Scissors
– Masking tape
– Large circle punch (optional)

DIY Split-Pin Robot PuppetNow, this is a bit of a free-form project. I do provide measurements but seeing as this lil’ guy is all rectangles, it’s pretty easy (and more fun) to guesstimate! With that in mind, start by cutting a large rectangle for the body (mine was around 15cm x 10cm) from corrugated cardboard. (more…)


Kid’s Craft Watercolour Heart Galand

Kid's Craft Watercolour Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us so why not bring a little love into your world with this kid’s craft watercolour heart garland that I whipped up for Bloesom Blog! This simple paper-craft project involves some fun watercolour washes and is great for kids of all ages!

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– Watercolour paper (I used A3 but you could definitely use a few A4 sheets)
– Watercolour paints, a large brush and water
– Scissors
– Glue (I used white craft glue but a blue stick would also work fine)
– Baker’s twine

Kid's Craft Watercolour Heart Garland

Begin by using your watercolour paints to create a colourful wash on your paper. Make sure to load your brush up with plenty of clean water so as not to muddy the colours. If you don’t have watercolour paints, you could use poster paint or acrylic mixed with a little water. Allow the paper to dry. (more…)

DIY Christmas Pom-pom baubles

Kid’s Craft – DIY Christmas Pom-Pom Baubles

DIY Christmas Pom-pom baubles

Christmas is truly just around the corner so now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about decor! These DIY Christmas Pom-pom baubles, which I whipped up for Bloesem Kids, will brighten up any tree, garland or centre piece. PLUS they’re a great craft activity for the little ones! Head over to Bloesem Giving or find the tutorial below! (more…)

DIY Felt Tablet Picture Board

Bloesem Kids: DIY Felt Tablet Picture Board


Exciting news! I’m Bloesem Kids newest craft contributor! For anyone who is unfamiliar, Bloesem is a collection of design, home and DIY blogs curated by Irene Hoofs. It’s one of my favourite spots for interior inspiration and gorgeous Scandi-style crafts so when I saw they were looking for a new craft contributor I just had to apply!

For my first project, I designed a DIY felt tablet picture board. Aimed at getting kids off ipads and using their imaginations, this picture board can be used to create countless stories and pictures by simply layering felt shapes! Too fun!

Find the DIY below or check out the original post at Bloesem Kids! (more…)