Taking a (long!) break.


Wow, there’s bit a lot of radio silence over here for the past few months! And that’s because I decided to take a step back and stop blogging here at Paper & Pin.

It was a decision I’d been thinking about for a while but it took a couple of ‘signs’ (my website breaking for one and a few other backend issues) to convince me that it really was time to step back and take stock. And I realised that while blogging for the past few years had been so rewarding, I’d come to a point where I’d achieved all the goals I set when starting Paper & Pin. I’d gotten everything I wanted from blogging and now it was starting to feel like work.

So I took a few months off and I can safely say that I’m all the better for it. Not having to worry about Instagram algorithms, Pinterest followers and all the other junk that comes with blogging has given me time to work on my own projects and get back to the love of craft and making that inspired this blog in the first place!

And while I miss sharing crafty ideas with all you wonderful people, it’s been such a pleasure to craft just for me without the pressure of making everything ‘blog worthy’.

So thank you all so much for your support and understanding. I’ll be leaving the blog and all my craft projects up so please continue to have a look around and get inspired. And you can still purchase copies of my book too!

Happy making xx