Beginner’s Crochet Resources!

Beginner's crochet resources |

Full disclosure here, I’m becoming a bit of a crochet addict. It’s one of those great hobbies that can be as simple or complex as you like¬† – sometimes I’m experimenting and drafting new patterns, other times I can just sit down with a project and do some simple stitches. There’s always more to learn and the possibilities of what you can create are just endless!

But my road to crochet wasn’t easy. My mum first taught me the basics when I was in my teens but for a while all I could master a granny square! Looking at patterns (especially the written ones!) made my head hurt and I only knew treble stitch. Yikes! And crochet isn’t like riding a bike! All the stitches are variations on the same looping techniques so it can be easy to get muddled and need a refresher. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together my favourite beginner’s crochet resources!

Left-handed beginners don’t despair, I’m not leaving you behind! I’m left-handed so know how hard it can be to try and learn crafts based around hooks and needles; it’s like books and tutorials pretend we don’t exist. And if I see another video tutorial for left-handed crochet that just tells you to learn with your right hand I might just SCREAM! I’ve got left-handed resources specifically for you, so just keep scrolling down!

So, here are the basics to get you off on the right foot!

First, remember that UK and US crochet terminology is different (I know, so unnecessarily confusing!). In Australia (and pretty much every except the US) we use UK terms, so make sure you know whether your pattern is from the US and if so, translate the terms! This post from Simply Crochet Mag explains it all so well!

The main stitches:
I only ever use UK terminology and my patterns generally feature double crochet and treble stitch, which are the two main crochet stitches. Now, fair warning, these tutorials from Crochet Hook You are no-frills but they’re concise and super easy to follow. Believe me, I’ve sat through a LOT of crochet videos and these are my favourite. Plus, they also detail how to start off with a foundation chain row!

For the lefties:
Unfortunately UK tutorials of double crochet are few and far between so this is a left-handed demo of US single crochet (UK double crochet!) and US double crochet (UK treble!). So sorry about the annoying terminology difference but as I said, us left-handers sometimes get forgotten! But this series from Yarn Guru is actually really good, so if you can handle the different terminology then definitely watch more!

The Magic Loop:
And finally, here’s my favourite magic loop demo. A magic loop is a great way to start off granny squares or any other ‘in the round’ crochet projects as it ensures a snug center for your work!

Happy crocheting! And if you ever need a little guidance, feel free to drop me a line :)